Pernille Andreasen (August 2010 – August 2011)

WhatPernille 2 is your most memorable experience at Corren Troen? 

“During my year at Corren Troen I had a great amount of memorable experiences, but to help organise, plan and conduct a due diligence was a very learning and giving experience personally as well as professionally. Besides the interesting business matters, I will always remember the fantastic people at Corren Troen who all were incredibly welcoming and helpful when I first moved to London and during my time at the firm, and I enjoyed every single day.”

How has the experience at Corren Troen helped you in your further studies and/or career?

“When I came back to Denmark from my year at Corren Troen, I started at Aarhus University to study law. Obviously my experiences at Corren Troen have helped me deciding what further education I might find interesting and relevant. It has helped me to see so many different sides of law as you get to during your internship at Corren Troen. I quickly discovered that law was not just about writing and amending wills, shareholders agreements or articles of associations but just as much the personal contact with the clients. This part probably matured me the most personally as it was a new challenge for me and it was a great part of the business experience that I gained from working at Corren Troen.”

How did you find the experience of living in London?

“Living and working in London had been my dream for years, and I must say that my year at Corren Troen and my stay in London in general did not disappoint me at all. The working life in London is very interesting and different from the working life in Denmark; in everything from the dress code to working hours. Living abroad was an amazing experience but also a challenge as I left boyfriend, family and friends in Denmark – but only to find even more friends in London! It was especially exiting and fascinating to experience the differences in our cultures. During my stay in London I experienced that my confidence in using English at work, in my spare time and out and about in England in general grew, and I quickly saw myself as not a tourist from Denmark but a Londoner.”

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