Michella Mikkelsen (August 2008 – August 2010)

Michella 2What is your most memorable experience at Corren Troen?

“My memorable experiences at Corren Troen cannot be counted on one hand. First of all Corren Troen gave me the opportunity of working in an adult and professional environment and being a true and valuable member of the organization. I have gained invaluable experiences of the life of an organization in the broader sense, such as how to act and behave, dealing with clients and what is expected of you as an employee. I am really grateful for the responsibilities assigned to me while working there and even though I had many memorable experiences, both social and professionally, the one that stands out the most, was the day I was offered to work for Per Troen. That year turned out to be the most valuable time of my career and studies so far and really made me grow, as an employee as well as personally.”

How has the experience at Corren Troen helped you in your further studies and/or career?

“Two years at Corren Troen gave me the necessary confidence to apply for an English bachelor program and living in another country made me interested in international relations and business opportunities. Furthermore it enhanced both my professional and personal competences and I got accepted at the most prestigious bachelor program in Denmark, BSc in International Business at Copenhagen Business School. I know for a fact, that I would not have been in this position I am today if I had not had the opportunity of working at Corren Troen. My experience at Corren Troen has not only helped me in my studies but also career wise. It can be difficult within the Danish student environment to get a relevant student job during the first years of your bachelor degree, but already during the first few months being back in Denmark, I was offered a student job in a small investment company.”

How did you find the experience of living in London?

“I was very young when I got the opportunity to work at Corren Troen and it took me a while to adapt to the big city life. It was the first time I was living on my own and London is significantly different than my hometown. Nevertheless it started to grow on me and after a few months I really started to enjoy the buzz, the vibe, the multicultural atmosphere, and all the opportunities the city has to offer. London has many facets and depending on personal attitudes. I am convinced that London has a lot to offer to all personalities. I am often considering moving back to London when I have graduated from university to gain further international experience and improve my language competences even more.”

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