Annika Mørck and Sine Andreassen (July 2013 – July 2014)

.                           Annika                         Sine 

What is your most memorable experience at Corren Troen?

“Our year at Corren Troen has given us so many memorable experiences and therefore it is hard to choose just one. We have been given the opportunity of working in a professional environment, and being members of a team that counts on us.
As we have shared the PIU position this year, we have learned to work together on a daily basis. In addition to assisting the lawyers e.g. making bundles of documents for court and managing case files, we have also been included in the marketing and finance aspects of the firm.”

How has the experience at Corren Troen helped you in your further studies and/or career?

“We have gained so many new transferable skills from working at Corren Troen, which we are sure will be very valuable in our further studies and career. It is a great advantage in almost every industry to have international work experience and this year has opened both of our eyes to how much you gain from living and working abroad.
For Sine this year has helped her decide that she wants to study law, whilst Annika has enjoyed working on marketing of the firm and is now going to study media.”

How did you find the experience of living in London?

“From living and working in London both of us have matured so much both personally and professionally. This was our first time living away from our parents and even though we have benefitted from having each other, we have also become very independent and equipped to stand on our own feet.
London is an amazing city with so many opportunities and we have enjoyed every minute of being here. Even after several months there is still so much to experience and we have had countless memorable days in London.”


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